5. Boleskine’s meadow and green initiatives

If we can briefly turn your attention to one of our current projects at Boleskine, the wildflower meadow. Nestled in a quiet corner of the property, the  wildflower meadow, which is still in progress will be a vibrant and colorful display of Scotland’s native flora. In the spring and  summer months, the meadow will be bursting with wildflowers, including buttercups,  bluebells, and primroses. One of our charitable objectives at Boleskine House is to enhance biodiversity and preserve the natural heritage of the area. The meadow will be home to a variety of wildlife, including  butterflies, bees, and birds. Therefore, our meadow will not only be a beautiful must-see tourist attraction, but it will serve as an important habitat for many of Scotland’s native species. The  meadow will be carefully managed to ensure that the wildflowers can thrive and provide a  valuable food source for pollinators, which have been in decline since the 1940s. We encourage you to take a moment to explore the  wild flower meadow at Boleskine House and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds  you. As you walk through the meadow, take in the sights and sounds of Scotland’s native  flora and fauna, exploring the bee hotels that we have installed. Remember to tread lightly and leave no trace so that others can enjoy  this special place for years to come.

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